About Us

The Charles Adams’ Stained Glass Studio on Highway 231 south of Troy, AL has evolved from a small glass hobby shop to a multifaceted stained glass studio which specializes in ecclesiastical windows.

The Adams’ Stained Glass Studio features a unique collection of stained glass works including windows, tiffany style lamps, doors, clocks, kaleidoscopes, suncatchers, and angels, which have become collector’s items and are in great demand.

The success the studio has enjoyed over the past years has served as a catalyst to greater undertakings. Adams, whose roots are in the rural South, has recently turned much of his artistic effort to fulfilling a longtime goal of making stained glass windows available to every small, rural church in the South that wants them.

The simplistic beauty of these churches can often be enhanced by the addition of stained glass windows which are designed especially for each particular church. Many of these churches would like to have stained glass windows but have previously been unable to find a studio to come to the chuch and work directly with the committee.

“The Adams’ Stained Glass Studio is committed to making stained glass windows available to any church that wants them. We will provide them at an affordable cost and design windows to meet the needs and wants of each church.”

Adams’ studio will design, execute, and install church windows as well as windows and doors for businesses and homes.

Adams studied art at Troy State University and specialized in glass art under Ed Walter. He later studied art design under Alice Thorton of Troy and also studied at the Joyce Dendy Glass Studio in Albany, Georgia.

Adams has won numerous awards for his work and is in great demand as a glass workshop instructor. Adams’ glass creations can be found all across the United States.

The studio is owned and operated by the Adams’ Family. Please call or email today for a consultation.

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