Corner Pieces

Sometimes you have a space in your home just asking to be dressed up with stained glass. Perhaps a counter top opening between the kitchen and living area or even a cased entryway between rooms. You may not necessarily want to block the view or conversation flow between these rooms, so what exactly would be a good fit?

Check out our custom corner pieces.  These corner pieces are hung just inside the cased opening to create a unique boarder.  Here is an example of two pairs hanging in our  booth at the Gatlinburg Craftsman’s Fair.

corners in gburg

Below are some examples of different colors and patterns from our sample pieces. Please remember that all of our pieces are custom made to best compliment your existing decor. If you don’t see a color that you’d like please contact us for further color samples.

glass corners green

glass corners red

glass corners dark blue

glass corners small red

glass corners light blue 1

glass corners small red


(…and don’t worry if you have trouble committing to color. We have beautiful clear textures that will be perfect for you!)


photo (6)

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