Off we go!

We are loaded up and ready to head out to the 38th Annual Craftsmen’s Fair in Gatlinburg, TN. This is a trip we’ve been making twice a year for MANY years now and we really enjoy this summer show. The other vendors at this show feel more like family than anything else and we look forward to catching up with everyone over the next couple of weeks. So if you find yourself in the Gatlinburg area, or just need an excuse to get away… come see us! We’ve got just the stained glass piece you’ve been looking for and homemade candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!

38th Annual Summer Craftsmen’s Fair

Arts. Crafts. Music

July 19-28, 2013

10am-6pm Daily

10am-5pm Sundays

Just a few snap shots from last year’s show.

Gburg display

gburg display 2

gburg nativity

gburg candy

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Happy Anniversary!


: a group of persons of common ancestry
: a people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common stock
Yes, this blog is about stained glass, art shows, and happenings at the Adams’ Glass Studio. However, without the family behind the business this Studio simply would not be. This month we celebrated Charles and Mary’s golden wedding anniversary.

May 2013 158


For fifty years they have loved each other, raised loving children, welcomed son and daughters in law, celebrated grandchildren and created a legacy that will live on forever.  They were able to take the Adams family’s Nut Shop and transform it into the Glass Studio that exists today. Their children were raised selling Half Day Suckers at art shows and now the grandchildren are following suit. This studio has given them a wonderful platform to touch the lives of so many and they have made cherished friendships along the way.

May 2013 171


It was now our turn to celebrate the happy couple behind the scenes. Fifty years of marriage is a wonderful excuse to have a party and that is just what we did! We scrounged up old pictures from their ‘courting’ days…including prom…for decoration and their son, David, made a stained glass 50 for the occasion.


May 2013 083


The reception was held at the church where Charles and Mary married and we even found their wedding picture taken in this very spot!



Would they ever have imagined that, fifty years later, they would take a picture in the same place surrounded by such a precious family!?!?




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Best In Show

Best in show- plate window


By Jaine Treadwell

The Troy Messenger


Pike County glass artist Charles Adams won “Best in Show” at the Piney Woods Arts Festival in Enterprise over the weekend.

However, when the judges went to present the prestigious award to Adams on Friday, the “Best in Show” window panel was nowhere to be seen.

“The window panel had already been sold,” Adams said. “But, luckily, the lady who bought it had gone to move her car closer. While she was gone, I unpacked the panel so the judges could take a picture of it.”

But, after that, the blue ribbon stood alone during the rest of the two-day show.

Adams said he was honored to receive the “Best in Show” award.

“It’s always good and encouraging for your work to be recognized,” he said. “The panel that won was my most recent piece and it was the first time that it had been shown. To me, it was an interesting and beautiful window panel.”

The stained glass panel featured antique plates, saucers and bowls from the Depression era.

“It included Rondell pieces which have a spun glass look,” Adams said. “The best way that I know to describe those pieces is that they look like the bottom of old Coca-Cola bottles. Real unusual.”

Adams pioneered the use of glassware in stained glass pieces in the early 1960s.

“Back then, I made my own plates to use in window panels,” he said. “Today, I use mainly glass pieces from the Depression era.”

Adams’ most prized window panel included plates that he had made nearly 50 years ago. It was lost in the December 2011 fire that destroyed Adams Glass Studio.

“Of all that was lost, it’s that piece that that meant the most,” he said. “It can never be duplicated.”

Adams said that he enjoys creating “sentimental” pieces for clients.

“People will bring their grandmother’s glassware and want it incorporated in a panel or a door,” he said. “Those are special pieces because of the significance of the personal items. I enjoy doing those.”

Adams said that he often has a personal attachment to a piece and it’s hard to let it go.

But half the fun of creating pieces like the Piney Woods Arts Festival “Best in Show” is “scouting” for the glassware for the pieces.

“A lot of that old glassware came in sacks of flour or even feed sacks,” he said. “It’s getting harder to find.”

Adams will be a featured artist at TroyFest on the square in downtown Troy April 27 and 28.

“We’ll have a good show,” he said. “People were buying at Piney Woods and that’s an indication that things may be turning around. That would be a good thing for all of us.”

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Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival

Thank all of you that came out to see us at the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival! The weather was beautiful and, as always, we had such a great time! Who doesn’t love Fairhope, right!?!?

Here are a few pictures from the show:


Fairhope booth photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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We’re Official

Officially licensed that is! After a mile of paperwork, we have finally been approved to begin creating TROY gear!

Here are our first designs!


We have TROY swords and “T” logos made either to stand or hang.  Standing swords are $38.00 and hanging are $32.00. Standing T’s are $32.00 and hanging are $28.00.  The first 100 sold will be numbered and signed.

Valentine Open House 947

  They are the perfect size to sit on a desk or bookshelf and are a classy way to show off your Trojan Pride! 

Call us to place an order today!

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Valentine’s Party

Charles and Mary Adams


We had such a great time Sunday afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came out to make our Valentine’s Party such a huge success.


We had coffee, punch, tea cakes, strawberry divinity, and a wonderful time of fellowship with good friends.

Valentine Tree

We even had a Valentine TREE!

Valentine Open House 910

We plan to host more events like this to show our appreciation to you all for your love and support during our rebuilding phase!!






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Grand Opening

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